The Age of Visualization in Real-Time

Real-Time Visualization

 The Old Age: The Traditional Visualization

In order to talk about visualization in real time or what i call “the new age” of visualization, me should talk about the past  “the old age”, the one we are leaving behind little by little.

Sure your remember some visualization experience that allow you to know a product or service, for example, 3D product , where we could see or sail in a space in a digital way, giving us a very clear idea of how the product look like talking it to real life, but such experience, did involve you much, you were more a spectator with a limited interaction.


The New Age: The Present Visualization

Virtual Reality

Time has changed and technology too and we have changed with it me do not see products and service in the same way anymore. Each day we are more conscious about what we want, the way we want it and the fact of being part of de process of creation of a product or service, without a doubt put much more value to the experience and makes it much more enrichment.

We are in an age where these interactive experiences are a reality thanks to the new technologies and its capacity , makes, enterprises and even independent people are creating virtual experiences, interactive and whit total immersion in real time and the best is that user is the protagonist.


The Game Engines: Platforms for Visualization in Real-Time

Unreal Engine for VR

We all have heard about video game as a millionaire enterprise that have overcome even the movie business. During the last years has grown more than ever, due to the democratized of its developing platforms.

If before to do one was the privilege of a few, the technology was not available to anyone or was too costly for anyone.

Now a days, these platforms better known as “games engines” or “motores de video juegos” in spanish, are being used for something more than a video games. They are used to create interactive contain of any kind, because they are already engines for developing in real time.

Actually and due the power of these, the graphic has reached to a level photo-realistic, suitable to create experiences of visualization immerse, where the user finds himself difficulty to make distinction between real or not. This added to the interactivity, make these platforms fundamental tools to visualize in real time and the developing of the interactive software.

The main engines used for this purpose are free or apply to some conditions to be used, one of the most used for this kind of projects is the UNREAL ENGINE 4 for the company Epic Games, which has incredible graphics, interactivity and productivity in multiple platforms like PC, Mobile, VR, Web, have transformed it in the platform suitable to create all kind of experiences to be visualized in real time and in an interactive way.


Immersive Experiences: Devices of Virtual Reality

Oculus GO VR DevicesThe virtual reality or VR, without a doubt, is one of the technologies that goes hand to hand with the engines of video games, if the engines give graphic quality and interactivity, the devices of virtual reality give the immersive ingredient, and at the end both give support to the experience of the user.

Actually the technology of VR are not so new and the idea of it, is much less, one of the determinate factors for the used of this technology is the facility to access to it.

The cost of these devices visually vary according to the visual quality that they have, furthermore the most sophisticated cost more and sometimes they require another hardware or devices to support, this situation represent an unthinkable cost for a regular user

But not all is lost! the enterprises that create these devices understand the importance of making available the technology and they are optimizing without lose quality, also avoiding as much as possible the dependency from others devices and making the same devices as confortable for hours and hours of immersion.

Same of the devices more notables in the market are Oculus Rift, HTC ViveSamsung GearVR and Google Cardboard, However there are much variety of these devices in the market, with different capability and to use with several platform is the one that has much growing and Oculus is working on lens VR everything included, where you do not need a PC at all neither a mobil, the device called “Oculus Go” will have everything included with a much less cost from its others versions.


Real Time Archivz: Architectural Visualization in Real-Time

One of the area of mayor growing, about visualization in real time, is the architectural market, areas like interior, decoration and home products. This kind of visualization focus on architecture is visually known as Archviz, for the union of its words in English ¨Architectural Visualization¨a market, that together with the technologies of visualization in real time, offer an experience of visualization interactive.

This kind of experience with Archviz, plus the use of VR virtual reality technology, offers he user not only see and know the space in a virtual way, it also permits interact with it, adding furniture of any kind, decoration , editing floor material or walls, changing colors and texture of fabrics, turning off and on lights, making a space pleasant at will.

Only imaging! you are in your dream apartment, where you can walk and decorate as you wish, creating your style and your needs. Add that sofa that you want and a high definition T.V set that you deserve. At the end you could design your environment so, you only will not be a spectator anymore and also be part of the experience. All of this long before you go to the process of buying. It sounds good?Experiences like this ,are already offered to the users of IKEA and its Virtual Reality Store.


Products Visualization: Optimizing the experience of purchasing of the user

VR Product VisualizationAs we know , the architectural area is taking advantage of these technologies ,but is not the only market that gain for it. Retail has also found a powerful tool to show its products to the public,like a virtual store where ,besides to see the products you can interact with them something like an E-commerce adding the immersive experience

Imaging! you saw some shoes on t.v. and you loved them, you decide to visit the virtual store and you do that through your virtual glasses, walk into the store and find those shoes that you like so much, you touch them with your virtual hands and you have a realistic view of the shoes where the details can be seen, the material, the sole, the shoelace, you can change its color, you can rotate them, you can even try them on and see how they look on you. 

The best of all! all this experience will happen from your home nice and easy.


What comes: The future of products visualization and services in Virtual Reality.

Yes, I know, all of this seems to be taken from a science fiction movie, but is not so far from reality, actually several enterprises take advantage of these technologies to offer immersive and efficient experiences when buying.

Although is complicated to predict the future, I would dare to say that this kind of visualization technology came to stay, several enterprises and users understand it and look like it will establish in a solid way on different markets. Not in vain big enterprises on the area of virtual reality and the videogames engines are working hard for a better and more powerful solutions with affordable prices for regular users. It is a main factor for the growing and users everywhere that these technologies offer devices at a better price.

The possibilities are endless the advance of the technology and access to the devices will be much better, without a doubt we will see more and more interactive experience in real time where fiction and real reality will go hand to hand.

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