Freddy Barrios

CG Generalist - RealTime Archviz - VR/AR Developer - 360° Video

who am i & what I believe?


CG Generalist with Experienced in  Artistic and Technical Projects, Video Games Lover, Real-Time Architectural Visualization Expert, Character Artist and Animator, Workaholic, Entrepreneur and  Marketing Enthusiast.

NewTechs Believer as a tool to change the user experiences and the way that we sense the media and communication. I bet for the Virtual Reality as the way to experience inmersive and interactive solution focus in the true protagonist, The People.

Software & Projects


Archviz 360°

Design and Creation of interiors and exteriors scenes supporting in Next-Gen Tech, offering amazing and unforgettable experiences

Game Characters

Game Ready characters, modeling, shading and texturing from scratch, from the concept to the engine

Product Desing & Visualization

Boot, Displays, 3D Printed Product, designed to be built and always thinking in branding and effective communication

Clothing Simulation & Digital Sculpting

Cloth simulation and sculpting detail to reach a highly level of detail for 3D printing and 3D concept art

Let's Create Something Great!

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